Tambourin (1890)

TAMBOURIN. A long narrow drum used in Provence, beaten with a stick held in one hand, while the other hand plays on a pipe or flageolet with only three holes, called a galoubet.

Tambourin, Frankreich

französisches Tambourin, mit zwei Fellen bespannte, länglich-zylindrische Trommel

TAMBOURIN, an old Provençal dance, in its original accompnied by a Flute and Tambour de Basque, whence the name was derived. […]

TAMBOURINE (fr. Tambour de Basque). This consists of a wooden hoop, on one side of which is stretched a vellum head, the other side being open. Small rods with fly-nuts serve to tighten or loosen the head. It is beaten by the hand without a stick. Several pairs of small metal plates, called jingles, are fixed loosely round the hoop by a wire passing through the centres of each pair […]. It is occasionally used in orchestras, as in Weber's overture to 'Preciosa', and at one time was to be seen in our military bands. In the last century it was a fashionable instrument for ladies.

Tamburin, Ägypten

Tamburin bzw. Schellentrommel, französisch: tambour de basque

The instrument is probably of Oriental origin, being very possibly derived from the Hebrew Toph (Exod. xv. 20). The Egyptian form is somewhat similar to our own, but heavier, as may be seen from the woodcut, taken from Lane's 'Modern Egyptians'. […] [Grove Dictionary 1890, 55]