Mehlig, Anna (1880)

Mehlig, Anna, a distinguished pianist, was born at Stuttgart, June [sic. Muss lauten: July] 11, 1846. She received her musical education at the Conservatorium of her native town, and afterwards spent a year at Weimar studying under Liszt. In 1866 she made her first appearance in England, playing Hummel's Concerto in B minor at the Philharmonic on April 30. She revisited England each year till 1869 inclusive, playing regularly at the Philharmonic and Crystal Palace, and other concerts. She then took a long tour in America, where she met with great success. In 1875 she reappeared in England, playing Chopin's E minor Concerto at the Crystal Palace on Oct. 9, and has been here every season since that time. Her répertoire is large, her power of execution remarkable, and her style is full of refinement and poetry. [Grove Dictionary 1880, 245]